Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club




The Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club was formed in 1935 and is one of Western Australia's oldest bowling clubs

Located just six kilometres from the city of Perth, the Club offers a range of memberships and amenities. 

During the 1950s and up until the early 1970s we had more than 300 Members with eight divisions of men bowlers and five divisions of women bowlers. These sides were managed by 12 men and 10 women Committee members. A total of some 22 people being on the Committee.  

Today the Club comprises four to five divisions of dedicated and loyal bowlers.

The Bayswater Bowling Club currently has only one grass green, and one green for social bowls. 

We have more than 1,500 members, mostly social members. We are also the home of the Street Roller Hockey League which plays two seasons a year. The SRHL comprises approximately 100 teams.

It is estimated that approximately 500 people attend the Club each week.