Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club


Helping small business

The Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club's vision is to become a place where the community and the Club can connect and grow together. Especially small businesses, as they are the lifeblood of a community. 

The combined presence of small businesses give a community its identity and character and make it unique. So, by supporting these businesses, we enrich our community and ensure that uniqueness is preserved. 

Our mission to help as many local small businesses as we can by welcoming them to the Club and inviting them to introduce themselves to the community on a regular basis. And in turn, hopefully these businesses can become part of your list of favourites to use on an ongoing basis.

And the stronger our local businesses become, the better service and choice we'lll have on our doorstep.


Know or run a local business that wants to get involved? Email us: